Background :
We all know the story ( by now we should ) that “Anand” was thought with Raj Kapoor in the mind ( that time RK was going to produce the film )….but later Hrishikesh Mukherjee  approached N C Sippy to co-produce it….HM’s first choice was Uttam did not work out, so he brought in Shashi Kapoor..SK was busy so they went to Kishore da…with Kishore da they even did talks about money etc……then Shashi Kapoor was approached again, but he did not have dates (HM wanted to finish the film by January ) …thats when finally Rajesh Khanna came in ( happy birthday to Kaka today )…..

Revealing for the first time on the internet, the entire truth about THE Kishore Kumar turning down THE film “Anand”. 

Not sure whose loss was it…Hrishida’s , Kishoreda’s , Kishore-Fanatics’ or we Anand-Fanatics lost out the golden opportunity….???

Anyways, there are many stories floating that he did not allow a “Bengali babu” at the gate of his house and told his watchman to drive if any Bengali babu came that day. This could be possibly true….but what follows down below, is the real account of a chat happened with Kishore Kumar, Leena Chandavarkar ji,  and S&S magazine (1983) reporter Sushama. 

While reading the article, just imagine that you can “hear” Kishoreda speaking. It would be a great experience I tell you !! Especially a Rolling-On-The-Floor-Laughing Moment, when he describes the scene of the ‘Tea’ offered by Hrishida to him.

I remember procuring this magazine on a roadside raddiwala in Bombay in the mid-1990’s and then mesmerised by the thought of KK in Anand…found somehow Hrishida’s phone number, calling him and had tried to ask Hrishida about “his” side of the story. But cannot remember what happened next ! Tried to meet him a few times that month, only to resolve this query….but in vain ( gain in some other way, some other time 😉 )

Enjoy this mind-blowing Kissa !!


“You know,” Leena said, “he was offered the ‘Anand’ role but he turned it down. Kyon nahin kiya?” she asked K.K.

“You see,” K.K. turned to me and said ” I had acted in Hrishida’s very first film, ‘Musafir’. Till then he was only an editor and an assistant to Bimal Roy. He was a very nice and simple man then. But when he offered me ‘Anand’ his attitude was very high-handed. He made it should as if he was doing me a big favour. I told him, I am not interested in doing his film, since he talks like this. Why can’t he be normal ?

“Anyway, it has become his style to act big, he genuinely thinks that it’s the artist’s loss if he didn’t do his film. And I can’t put up with such attitude. He thinks he is very big.”

“Come on now,” Leena interrupted, “When does he act big? You know recently when he was so sweet – he even wanted me to do a film for him.”

“Kya sweet tha?” K.K. retorted, “Chai to pilaya hi nahin. You know he asked his servant to bring tea and we waited and waited, ‘Abhi chai aayegi, abhi chaai aayegi, magar chai aayee hi nahin!”