Another (!) important interview of Kishoreda from Cine Advance magazine, on the day his film “Door Ka Raahi”, was released. Goes to show the insights that this man brings into practice, in his own life. Things which people only preach but seldom get to perform them in real life. Artistes like Kishoreda have nothing but to project these rich sensibilities through his hard earned money, caring a fig about profits or losses made out of it. This shows the true character of a person. He had said in that year, that he had so many happy/sad/bitter experiences in life which rarely people have experienced. The manner in which he puts these philosophical thoughts in practice, such as the film Door Ka Raahi, as he says in his own words “unfailingly bring its own reward”. I am sure he is happy “up there” smiling having done his  piece of work and must be laughing at the terrible scenes that the humanity is going through in the current chaotic times ! Time to visit the released of this film…it would be a revelation to many who have not seen it !!