4th August ! A day comes in our lives and cheers us up and demands a celebration !!!

Here is a chat with Kishore da and Amit da ,  as appeared in S&S May 7 1987 !!
– by Meena Iyer

The focus on so many aspects that they both talk about their lives…so very important to make us understand this genius….Kishoreda’s mature views to the core and Amit da’s straight-forward answers…. they combine to an explosive interview ! Just to give examples of some very important matters :
1) How he describes his way of liking people and whom he keeps a distance ( kcp : by acting eccentric with THEM )
2) Amit da explains his own REASONS to be moody ( kcp : and the reasons for falling back 🙂  )
3) Kishore da’s views about Amit da’s career…
4) How Paagal-e-Aazam makes films 😛
5) and finally his wish to meet Marlon Brando !

Happy birthday Kishore da !!!