Here is the ORIGIN of the man whom we all adore….the story that traces the start of the Ganguly’s !

It was approximately year 1830. Lord William Bentinck was the prevailing Governor General of the British Raaj in India. Those days there were just too many dacoits/thugs all over India. Some of them even murdered in the name of Goddess Kaali. But at the same time they were ritualistic & symbolized their quest for esoteric power. The British were fed-up and the governor general declared a war on these dacoits and thugs.

A man called Raghunath was also leading his life as a thug. As the British soldiers cornered him one day, he hid himself in a temple to escape capture.

He put on a dress of a priest and started to pray ! When accosted by the soldiers, he told that his name was Raghunath GANGOPADHYAAY – a person of knowledge , coming from across the river Ganga !

Thus he escaped capture. Eventually he became a zameendaar of that region & gave up dacoity forever !

So friends, this is the story of our dear *Kishore Kumar Gangopadhyaay ( Gangoli )

PS-Did Kishore give a tribute to his own ancestral story, via his produced/directed film : Hum Do Daaku ? the quest is on !!

Source : Biography of Ashok Kumar & Video of Ashok Kumar :